Manifesto X

Scientists Discover Parallel Dimension!

The TranZmission!

 “On April 1, 2009 – We received an anonymous broadcast that we had at first thought to be a transmission from a local illegal pirate tv or radio transmission. What we later realised is that the transmission was not coming from earth at all but from somewhere else entirely… it was the speaking of something alien in nature from the madness of the beyond.

So bizarre the words, that were spoken to us through this omnipotent presence  … that it swirled a feeling of mightiness upon us. Did the strange report have a subliminal message in it, tuning us into do its bidding? We can’t be for sure, but what it stirred in us was an immense hyper feeling… burning in us an endless desire to seek out the origin of these bizarre series of transmissions, we worked tirelessly around the clock with what latest breakthroughs in technology the most brilliant scientists of earth had to offer, to discover that the  broad cast came from non other than a parallel dimension… turns out that Earth has a twin sister, its name, Oblivion. What we had tapped into that day was to change human reality forever… Those hyper-beings, our transdimensional twin counterparts, were speaking to us, offering us their insights … everything dictated to us thru the worm-hole of parallel decent, that those on the other side had called the Slime Meridian Portal, was documented in what was dubbed ‘the Parallels of Oblivion’…

And then the transmissions ceased, never to be heard from again… again… again… “

This site contains what we could pertain from these documents. Herein lies the factual accounts and testimonies of those who had their hand in delivering this devout cosmic wonder to the world …. So signed, the Sealed Deliver, Seal of Oblivion. In thee we are the Body of Obsolete. The ulterior designers and thought-controllers of the Wandoo-Non.

Now, Let us shred.

Your host,

The Unknown Celebrity - Now UC me, now U don't!

Earth's Twin Sister, Oblivion

Taken from THE UNDER NET - Illegal TranZmissions. (Under-the-Net Enquiries Only. Black Market Distribution from the Darkside of the Net.)

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